• The book about design ideation methods


    Ask designers how they create ideas, and the answer is: 'in a brainstorm' or 'a moment of inspiration.' How ideas come to life is often hard to grasp. It's a black box.

    This book teaches six methods to create ideas. Practical mindsets designers can learn to proactively generate ideas, speed up the process, with diversified results. The book starts with the full design process, placing ideation at the center.


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  • Workshop - Design ideating

    • Creativity is not just a talent, it’s different mindsets

    Learn new mindsets to create better visual ideas

    • Under time pressure, or if many ideas are needed

    • The creative essence of the design thinking process

    • For small groups of professional designers

    The workshop with senior design educators in Shanghai.

  • Design ideating


    Ideas are essential in every design process. But how to make effective design ideas? Under time pressure, or if many ideas are needed?


    How do you give designers better tools and more joy in the creative process?


    New methods to create better visual ideas faster in a workshop for small groups of professional designers.


    Create more and better visual ideas

    Ideas are the core of every design process, in any design discipline. Every designer has one or more ways to do that. Ideas are often coming when inspired. Naturally, and that is fine. But if you need many ideas, it can be challenging. Especially if time is limited.

    By working with new and practical methods, you will learn to think with different mindsets. This way, design problems can be solved proactively and faster, with the choice of many ideas as a result.

    At first, it might feel awkward, but with regular practice, these new methods become second nature. As a designer, you can then switch from one method to the other and boost your creative output.


    For visual designers from all disciplines

    The workshop is suitable for all design disciplines and designers from all agencies that want to improve skills in creating visual ideas. These can be professionals who work in commercial practices or teachers working in design education. The workshops are English or Dutch spoken.


    One day, two methods

    During one day, two new methods for idea creation are introduced and practiced. Hands-on in a focused setting. Process and outcomes are discussed and evaluated.
    In total, there are more design ideating methods. Groups up to a maximum of eight designers work in an existing (meeting) room or on a selected location, and the requirements are simple: a projector or big screen, a working wifi connection, your laptops, paper, and drawing materials.


    Supporting publication

    A book about the methods on how to create visual ideas will be available in the autumn of 2020. The first part gives insight into the design process as a total. The second part is about methods to create visual ideas.


    For more information, please contact Joost:


    Past workshops

    Yale Center Beijing, China - November 2018

    Wuhan Institute of Design and Science - Shanghai, China - July 2018

    Shanghai Business School - Shanghai, China - December 2017

    Intangible Cultural Heritage - SIVA-DeTao - Shanghai, China - November 2017

    Int. Communication University China - Beijing, China - June 2016

    Studio Wynants at DTMA - Shanghai, China - May 2015

    Tsinghua University - Beijing, China - November 2013

    University at Buffalo, Design Centre - Buffalo, USA - July 2008

    Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts - Vilnius, Lithuania - May 2008

    The Royal Academy of Art - the Hague, the Netherlands - May 2007

    KHIO - National Academy of the Arts - Oslo, Norway - April 2006

    KHIO - National Academy of the Arts - Oslo, Norway - March 2003

  • Design cases

    Dutch national police force - Logo & visual identity design - 1992

    The visual identity developed for the Dutch police force merges the spirit of two previously autonomous police organizations - namely, the state and municipal corps in a single logo. The flame symbol can be seen as a beacon, a protective flame. This is combined with a law book-like form and the word 'POLITIE'.

    The additional orange and blue striping system applied on all cars, boats, and helicopters optimize visibility and safety at day and night time. The clients were the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Justice to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The police identity won several design awards. In 2006 the Dutch police striping was selected by public vote as one of the 25 Dutch Design icons of the last 100 years. As senior designer with Gert Dumbar at Studio Dumbar.

    Hewlett Packard campaign - Airports Milan and Rome - 2006

    For the Hewlett Packard headquarters in San Francisco the HP campaign was developed for the Italian airports of Milan Linate and Rome. 'Change + HP' was the all-over theme of this corporate campaign. Arrow like shapes were the visuals. More than 1000 graphics were applied in all public spaces; on walls, check-in counters, tables and escalators, elevators and pillars. In collaboration with Goodby Silverstein and Partners. As designer and co-founder with the team of NLXL.

    Dutch Culture Centre - Logo & visual identity design - 2010

    The Dutch Culture Centre was an initiative of the Netherlands China Arts Foundation. It offered a diverse cultural program in downtown Shanghai alongside ‘Happy street’, the Dutch pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010. The program lasted for six months and was predominately focused on a Chinese audience.
    The logo for the DCC shows the silhouette of the Culture Centre in white against colorful flowers, referring to the tulip as a typical Dutch icon and the magnolia, the symbol of the city of Shanghai. The communication was bilingual, both in Chinese and English. The festive style was applied to various graphic items and a website. As creative director with Rosanne Wong and the team of Studio Dumbar China.

    The secret bar - Gert Dumbar in stories - Website and book - 2021

    'The secret bar' paints a colourful picture of Dutch designer and anti-authoritarian Burgundian Gert Dumbar and the unique Studio Dumbar culture. Anecdotes and stories collected from around the world by those who worked and played with him over the years.
    The website is initiated by Joost Roozekrans (NL) and Marc Shillum (USA). The book by Joost Roozekrans is the materialised version of the stories collected online and became a limited edition publication, with special features such as a personal handwritten message by Gert, casual wine stains, and a key attached to the reading ribbon to unlock the bar.

    Swimming with sharks - The graphic novel - 2018

    A compact and visual version of the book 'Swimming with sharks’ by Joris Luyendijk, Dutch anthropologist and journalist for The Guardian newspaper. He spoke with 200 London bankers to find out how they operate and what drove the financial crisis in 2008. Ten years after little has changed to avoid a possible new crisis. The solution starts with understanding the problem. The publication won gold at Muse Creative Awards 2018 in New York. As designer and creative director at SparkyTiger. Free PDF download.

  • Publications

    The secret bar - Gert Dumbar in stories

    Anecdotes by those who worked and played with him. Initiated together with Marc Shillum

    Website - English - Published February 2021 - Read here

    Book - English - Limited edition - Published June 2021


    How to create better ideas • Connecting the left and right brain in the design process

    Analyzing and explaining the design process, and teaching six practical design ideation methods

    Book - English - Published July 2020 - Order here


    Po-li-tie-huis-stijl valt uit elkaar / Visual identity Dutch police is falling apart

    Critical reflection on how the visual identity of the Dutch national police is gradually disintegrating

    Article - Dutch & English - Published November 2019 - LinkedIn - Read here


    De designer robot rukt op - en andere AGI Open observaties

    Report of collected insights on AGI open international design event in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

    Article - Dutch - Published October 2019 - LinkedIn - Read here


    Lessons for design education in China

    A reflection on four years of teaching branding and identity design in Shanghai

    Article - English - Published July 2018 - LinkedIn - Read here


    Swimming with sharks - The graphic novel

    A compact version of the bestseller book by Joris Luyendijk explaining the 2009 financial crises in a visual way

    Digital publication - English - Published November 2017 - Free download


  • Education


    • ArtEZ Institute of the Arts - Zwolle, the Netherlands - 2020 - 2021

    • SIVA-DeTao Masters Academy - Shanghai, China - 2014 - 2019

    • The Royal Academy of Art - The Hague, the Netherlands - 2008

    • Academy of Fine Arts St. Joost - Breda, the Netherlands - 2004

    • Academy of Fine Arts St. Joost - Breda, the Netherlands - 2003


    • St. Joost School of Art & Design - Breda, the Netherlands - Mar. 2021 (online)

    • Valencia Design Education Forum - Nov. 2020 (online)

    • LCC - London College of Communication -
    MA Design Management - May 2020 (online)

    • Hong Kong Polytechnic University - School of Design - Hong Kong - Apr. 2020 (online)

    • Artevelde - Design Bootcamp - Gent, Belgium - Feb. 2020

    • DTMA-SIVA - Studium generale - Shanghai, China - Dec. 2018

    • Academy of International Visual Arts - Shanghai, China - Oct. 2018

    • DTMA - Design research - Shanghai, China - Oct. 2018

    • Best Dutch books designs - Qingdao, China - Aug. 2018

    • Ocean University China - Qingdao, China - Aug. 2018

    • Royal Academy of Art - The Hague, the Netherlands - Feb. 2016

    • Willem de Kooning Academy - Rotterdam, the Netherlands - Jan. 2016

    • Opening Netherlands consulate - Chongqing, China - Dec. 2014

    • Donghua University - Shanghai, China - Oct. 2014

    • Rockbund Art Museum - My Design Life - Shanghai, China - May 2014

    • China Art Museum, Shanghai, China - Mar. 2014

    • Today Art Museum - Beijing, China - Nov. 2013

    • Shanghai Design week - Shanghai, China - Sept. 2013

    • Raffles Design Institute - Shanghai, China - Aug. 2013

    • Dutch Design Workspace - Shanghai, China - May 2013

    • L‘Ecole de Design, Nantes Atlantique - Shanghai, China - Oct. 2012

    • Donghua University - Shanghai, China - July 2012

    • Pecha Kucha night - Shanghai, China - Apr. 2012

    • Bee or Wasp - Shanghai, China - Mar. 2011

    • Raffles Design Institute - Shanghai, China - Nov. 2010

    • Suzhou International Poster Summit - Suzhou, China - Oct. 2010

    • Seoul Design Fair - Seoul, South Korea - Sept. 2010

    • IDEO - Shanghai, China - Sept. 2010

    • Hong Kong Heritage Museum - Hong Kong - Apr. 2010

    • Jiangnan University, School of Design - Wuxi, China - Mar. 2010

    • DDD - Vilnius, Lithuania - Oct. 2008

    • Typecon - Buffalo USA - July 2008

    • National Academy of the Arts - Oslo, Norway - Nov. 2006

    • Academy of Fine Arts St. Joost - Breda, the Netherlands - Mar. 2005

  • Awards

    Muse Creative Awards New York - 2018

    Gold for ‘Swimming with sharks’, graphic novel about the 2008 financial crisis. Free PDF download


    25 Dutch design icons of the past 100 years - 2006

    The Dutch police striping was selected by public vote as one of the design icons of the past 100 years

    Organized by the Dutch quality newspaper NRC Handelsblad and Dutch Design Foundation Premsela


    Nederlandse Design Prijzen - 2006

    Nomination - Vrijheidsfestival Den Haag


    Communications prize Germany - 1995

    Visual identity Dutch national police force


    International police vehicle prize USA - 1995

    Visual identity Dutch national police force

  • Contact

    Email: info [at] joostroozekrans [dot] com

    Mobile: 00316 365 22 884

  • About Joost Roozekrans

    I have been working as a designer, creative director, and senior design lecturer. Thirty years in the design profession, with a lot of mileage in designing brand identities, and a passion for education.


    I am from the Netherlands, also lived in the United Kingdom for two years and ten in China. Worked for nine different design studios, one newspaper (The Guardian), four universities, and co-owned two design studios myself; NLXL in the Hague and SparkyTiger in Shanghai. Designing the award-winning visual identity for the Dutch national police force was my first project at Studio Dumbar in 1992, just out of art school.


    When I am not working, I like to travel, visit megacities, museums, restaurants with friends. Love eating with chopsticks, the Asian cuisine. And chocolate. I explore online, listen to podcasts, watch documentary movies. Modern and visual art I find inspiring. I listen to all sorts of music but particularly to jazz, techno, and classical music.


    My motto: If you look very, very closely, everything becomes interesting.